About us

Welcome to elvn X capital. We understand the importance of providing not just capital, but also strategic support to startups. That's why we invest "smart capital" - not just money, but product and technology expertise that can help our portfolio companies grow and succeed.

Our focus on early-stage seed and business angel investments allows us to identify promising startups and provide them with the guidance they need to bring their ideas to life. We work closely with founders to understand their vision and goals, and then leverage our expertise and network of industry experts to help them achieve success.

Our approach ensures that we're more than just investors - we're partners in our portfolio companies' journey.


logo chatchamp

chatchamp (acquired)
Chatchamp is on a mission to empower businesses to easily consult their customers via chat. 24/7.

logo social pals

socialPALS simplifies complex processes by centralising and automating multi-channel marketing.

logo ghost feel it

GHOST (acquired)
Ghost created a soft- and hardware solution to Design & Develop VIBROTactile Feedback.

Logo get-steps

Steps (acquired)
Steps produces custom-made orthopedic insoles using a fully digital process.

logo pinzon

Blood pressure management outside the doctor's office but with medical guidance and connection.

logo DeepSkill

Digital personnel development for human-centered leadership.

logo whylab

whylab (acquired)
Personal development & mental wellbeing with a unique group format to grow people.

logo eaze

Digital, personalised sleep coaching to improve sleep quality.

logo wellspent

Stop mindless scrolling on social media. Make every moment Wellspent.

logo YGO

Holidays as they're meant to be - maximum convenience, zero pain.

The all-in-one solution for health and absence management.

logo twinwin

Sound legal expertise for HR work, just a click away at any time.

Logo Enzo

Enzo is building Europe's most advanced home insurance company.

logo ahead

Your pocket coach, built by behavior change experts to transform your life.

TukToro Logo

The perfect blend: digital learning and hands-on play.

Connecting veterinarians and pet owners.

The team behind elvn X

Jonas Kulessa

Jonas Kulessa

Jonas is a 20+ year industry leader in IT infrastructure and software engineering. He currently heads technology at LabTwin GmbH and previously co-founded award-winning "Reading Trainer" app. He's also served as Engineering Director at Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures and consulted for various companies in e-commerce, healthcare, fintech, VoD/PayVoD, and gaming.

Johannes Boyne

Johannes Boyne

Johannes is a technology enthusiast with 10+ years of high-tech experience. He is the CTO & Co-Founder of DQC a young startup in the data quality space, former Associate Director with BCG, former venture builder and Engineering Lead with BCG Digital Ventures, and expert in cloud, edge, IIoT, 5G, and advanced analytics. With BCG, and it’s subsidiary BCG Digital Ventures, plus in his own startup time he worked on multiple digital roadmap definitions, transformations, and end-to-end business builds, both in B2C and B2B.


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